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Peel Consent

Before you visit...

Please review my consent form to ensure there are no contraindications. 

Post Peel Recommendations

Two Days Post-Peel
  • Avoid elevating your body’s internal temperature. If the body’s core temperature becomes too high it can cause hyperpigmentation.

  • Do not apply ice to areas treated with a chemical peel as this can cause irritation.

  • Avoid any excessive exfoliation. This includes loofahs or rough use of towels or washcloths to treated areas.

  • Avoid any activities that cause excessive perspiration.

  • Avoid sun exposure and swimming.

  • It is recommended (but not mandatory) to avoid makeup use the day of a treatment to allow the skin to normalize.

  • Treat skin delicately and avoid any harsh products not recommended by your esthetician.

5-14 Days Post-Peel
  • Redness may linger for several hours after a treatment.

  • Not every person will experience peeling after a treatment.

  • A light flaking for several days is normal.

  • Do not pick at or pull any loosening skin. Allow the skin to fall away naturally to avoid

    hyperpigmentation from forming.

  • Continue to avoid sun exposure.

  • Avoid waxing or hair removal for five to ten days post-treatment.

Product Use

  • To maximize the results of your peel, follow your treatment with Sorella Apothecary products recommended by your esthetician.

  • Apply moisturizer every morning and night. Extra application of moisturizer can be used during the day to help minimize the appearance of peeling or flaking skin.

  • Avoid the use of topical prescription creams (such as tretinion, Retin-A and Differin)

  • Make sure your esthetician is aware of any prescription medications.

    Avoid any further treatments until your skin is fully healed. (at least 14 days)

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